Another F.F. PsyOp

I’d seen on twitter that the FL “Jacksonville game tournament shooting had simultaneous mass shooting drill.”
I couldn’t find what I’d seen, so checking a # of search engines only found the ‘liars’ MSM takes on it. Finally found it on Jim Stone‘s site:

“Evidently there was a drill going on at the time of the shooting and someone is trying to post evidence that continuously (provably because Youtube blank screens it) gets deleted.
I am looking into this. Yes, we all know they milk false flag fakery to the max, an early search is turning up nothing (to be expected these days)

BOOM IT IS REAL. An MSM news broadcast has it, someone recorded the television screen with (probably a cell phone) and the newscast stated there was a mass shooting drill happening at the exact time the real shooting happened, the video is nothing but a newscast on a local channel mentioning this, no robot voice, no guy making fake claims, ONLY THE NEWSCAST. I was viewer 23, went back and captured a screen shot as viewer 50 and the video is now gone (again).”

Then he found this:

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